Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sustainable Table interview

Food Karma has an informative interview with Sustainable Table founder Diane Hatz.

Diane Hatz develops and manages creative projects to raise awareness and educate consumers about issues surrounding the sustainable food and agriculture movement, while promoting solutions to the problems caused by factory farms. She is founder of, The Meatrix, and the Eat Well Guide.

An excerpt:

Q Are the words "sustainable" and "organic" interchangeable?

A No. "Organic" implies a standard. "Sustainable" is really more a philosophy.

Organic food can be sustainable, but it might not be. A lot of organic farms are sustainable, but the hot-button issue right now is industrial organics-the big agribusinesses getting into the market. Many times they monocrop; you can have acres and acres of one kind of lettuce, and still label it organic. But that is not sustainable.

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